Bat-Bike Part 3 In relation to these bands and this movement, an examination of subcultural authenticity and resistance is essential. David Muggleton explains in his book, Inside Subculture: The Postmodern Meaning of Style that: ‘In a two-way process, authentic stylistic resistance occurs through bricolage, an act of transformation by which a new and original style is formed through plunder and recontextualization as a challenge to the hegemony of the dominant culture.’ (Muggleton, p. 131.) Such radical creativity is then incorporated through media and commercial exploitation through a process of either defusion or diffusion. Through the process of ‘defusion’, the subversive potential of the subculture is sanitized as the dominant culture begins to commodify the subculture into a commercial form. Diffusion on the other hand is when the original nucleus and message of the subculture finds its way to a mass public with its subversive potential still in tact. (Muggleton, p. 132.) Already at this early stage in this social movement, unfortunately a process of ‘defusion’ seems to have started. To some extent the biggest band on the Trashmouth roster, Fat White Family, have begun to dilute their message.    Having accepted an NME award now, The Fat Whites are playing the NME award tour with, what might be considered a rather tame and commercial band called Palma Violets. It is said that the Fat Whites scrawled Yuppies Out’ in the Palma Violets recording studio last year in a protest against mediocre bands and a mediocre music industry, and what people thought perhaps, a mediocre NME. However, Fat Whites have been embracing the NME and now they seem to be embracing a band they were once critical of. Are they being swallowed up by the dominant culture? Only time will tell? Thankfully, Bat-Bike are the real deal though!

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