This blog is a documentation of various forms of Social Movement Theory. It may appear ramshackle, and structureless, but this is partly the point. It could be argued that the same old formative assignments in the same old format are liable to become regurgitations of dominant discourses that hold a monopoly over academic processes. If this is the case, then a project such as this is well worthwhile, because it is taking social movement theory, and applying it whilst presenting it in a way that breathes new life into it, and enacting and imitating a form of protest of its own. In this way, I hope to stay true to the subject matter, engaging in it fully, instead of just being an observer, detached from the source of the study at hand.

This is not a post-modern free for all. It will be clear from reading the posts in order that there is a continuation of themes, but, there are digressions and sudden tangents, that demonstrate ever so slightly perhaps, a disregard for conventional marking criteria ;-), but mainly represent the wanderings and enthusiasm of how I considered the nature of ‘protest’ on  that particular day.

Due to time constraints, much material has not been covered, particularly in regard to the mighty ‘Trashmouth’ sub-culture. However, there is enough to get a feel for what is going on in that scene and a unique insight into where the music and impulse for protest stems from. There is also analysis on historic London protest movements so as to cover as much of the theory as possible and capture a panoramic view of the nature of social movement theory.

For more of a detailed introduction of my study of ‘Trashmouth,’ please see my second blog, the first blog in a series of analysis into what is happening in that scene.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy.


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